Patient Preference in Epilepsy Monotherapy - A Non-interventional Study of VimpatĀ® (Lacosamide) and other AEDs in the treatment of Partial onset seizures Including a Discrete Choice Experiment Surrounding Actual Treatment Decisions and Experiences

Study ID: 34703
Short Title: Non-Interventional Study (NIS) on Patient Preference in Epilepsy Monotherapy
Organisation: Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Location: Queen Alexandra Hospital
Condition: Epilepsy
Main Specialty: Neurological disorders
Expected End Date: 01/03/2019
Postcode: PO6 3LY
Contact Name: PHT Research Office
Contact Email:
Active: Yes

Inclusion Criteria

1. A Patient Data Consent form is signed and dated by the patient.

2. Diagnosis of partial-onset seizures, with or without secondary generalisation, according to opinion of the treating physician.

3. Patients taking stable doses of 1 or more AEDs with clear intention to be treated in second line or later line with a new/different AED as monotherapy.

4. Aged 18 years or older.

5. The decision by the treating physician to prescribe LCM monotherapy or other AED monotherapy is made independent from participation in the NIS.

6. Patient is considered by the treating physician to be reliable and capable of adhering to the protocol (eg, able to understand and complete questionnaires).

Exclusion Criteria

1. New diagnosis of partial-onset seizures, with or without secondary generalization, needing first line AED treatment.

2. Conversion to monotherapy. Conversion to monotherapy is defined in this study as an intent to taper/stop AEDs of a current combination therapy to achieve monotherapy.

3. Patient has been treated previously with LCM.

Study summary:

No Summary available

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