Exploring Clinician Attitudes to Dementia Investigations (CADI)

Short Title Investigations: Clinical Attitudes
Category Diagnosis
Organisation Wessex CLAHRC
Contact Name Angus Prosser
Contact Email Angus.Prosser@uhs.nhs.uk
Web Link http://goo.gl/Lsfida
Sector Hospital/Acute Care
Region Wessex
Postcode SO165YA
Active Yes

Dementia clinicians have multiple tests available which have been proven to aid diagnosis (SPECT, PET, MRI, CT, Cerebrospinal fluid analysis), but there is little guidance on how to best use these to optimise clinical diagnostic pathways.


The study will identify clinician knowledge and attitudes to diagnostic tests. We will evaluate how each  investigation alters clinician diagnostic certainty, and the cost-effectiveness of introducing these investigations. 

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