Dementia Prevention Blackfriar's Consensus

Short Title Blackfriar's Consensus
Category Pre Diagnosis
Organisation Public Health England, Multiple organisations
Contact Name Sue Dewhirst
Contact Email Sue.Dewhirst@Public Health
Web Link
Sector Other
Region National
Active No

The Blackfriar's consensus was developed after a meeting in London in Jan 2014, hosted by the UK Health Forum and Public Health England.

Studies suggest that Alzheimer's disease and vascular pathologies underlie a substantial proportion of dementias, and there is an overlap between risk factors for vascular disease and dementia. A substantial proportion of dementia might be delayed or averted if modifiable risk factors are effectively addressed.


65 organisations and experts from across the dementia and public health community, including practitioners and researchers, have now signed the consensus statement.

Wessex Public Health England programmes support vascular risk factor reduction.

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