Leadership development and wellbeing support for an aging population.

Short Title Leadership development and wellbeing support for an aging population. Using Logotherapy techniques and principles to influence the sense of self and ultimate meaning
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Vastly improved life expectancy, one of the great triumphs of the last century, looks set to be one of the great challenges of this one. Frankl’s motivational theory of Logotherapy is imbedded in the understanding of meaning orientation of the human being, all human beings, inclusive of the aging population. The purpose of this study is to explore Frankl’s logotherapeutic model that explains the relationships among the search for meaning in life, the presence of meaning in life, existential vacuum, existential frustration, noogenic neurosis as relevant in an ageing population. Education, and as such a model for leadership and wellbeing, is a key factor in promoting and sustaining productive ageing. Not only will it help maintain the skills required both to work and live in the modern world, but it will also enhance mental capacity and social networking, aspect which are known to enhance healthy life expectancy and as well as productivity.


Project was a thesis for Diplomate status from the Victor Frankl Institute

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