Use of Stem Cell glue in Total Hip Replacement Revisions

Short Title Use of Stem Cell Glue in Total Hip Replacement Revisions
Category Promoting healthy ageing (prevention)
Organisation NTL biologica
Contact Name Gordon Blunn
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Sector Healthcare
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Hip replacement is a successful intervention that treats end stage osteoarthritis. However around 8,000 hip replacements per year in the UK are revisions of failed primary implants. Revision hip replacements are not as successful and failure due to loosening and infection are more common. An autologous stem cell glue, which is sprayed onto the implant surface at surgery, has been developed. This glue contains antibiotics and stem cells, which combats infection and enhances implant fixation. This invention is about to go into a clinical trial at the RNOH


The glue has been developed and the effectiveness has been proven. A clinical trial which will take another 2 years is been developed at the RNOH in Stanmore Middlesex and at the Nuffield Hospital in Oxford.

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