The Wessex Mental Health Line is a web based visual representation of projects across Wessex. It serves as a resource for individuals and organisations collaborating to improve mental  health services and parity of service across both mental and physical health. The projects are grouped into three key areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Crisis care
  • Parity of Esteem

Projects can be hosted in any sector including community services, acute care, primary care, care homes, social care and research. Each project is listed with a summary and explanation of the outcome. Contact details are given for the project lead and the hosting organisation. There is an opportunity to add links to further information if required. Project leaders can add projects to the timeline to publicise their work and form collaborative links with similar work taking place.

Users of the website can search and filter projects by sector or by keyword to obtain details of the project. Projects can be viewed in a list or map view to allow easy reference to geographically local projects along similar themes or topic areas.

Over time this collection of summary project information will help identify care and research gaps that need to be addressed, help minimise unnecessary duplication, and maximise opportunities for spread of good practice. 

The Wessex SCNs would like to thank everybody who has already provided projects for inclusion on the timeline and would encourage people to submit new projects as appropriate.