Hampshire and IoW Liaison and Diversion Service

Short Title Hampshire and IoW Liaison and Diversion Service
Category Crisis care
Organisation Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
Contact Name Pauline O'Callaghan
Contact Email Pauline.ocallaghan@berkshire.nhs.uk
Web Link https://www.berkshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/LD
Sector Healthcare
Region Hampshire Isle of Wight
Postcode SO402RZ
Active Yes

Liaison and Diversion is an all-age NHS service, operating seven days a week for people with vulnerabilities who are alleged of a criminal offence.
Staff are embedded within police custodies and courts across Hampshire and IOW where we can engage with service users at the earliest opportunity. We identify and support with any unmet needs that may mitigate potential for reoffending. Vulnerabilities include mental health, learning disabilities, ADHD/Autism and trauma.
Specialist support is available for youths, women and veterans as we recognise there can be additional needs associated with these groups. Liaison and Diversion work with local stakeholders and partner agencies to assist service users to access necessary care and support.


Intended outcome:  Offenders with mental health issues receive the appropriate care and ensure that the criminal justice system is aware of an offender's mental health issues.

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