Serenity Street Triage & Integrated Mentoring - Isle of Wight

Short Title Serenity Street Triage
Category Crisis care
Organisation IoW CCG, IW NHS Trust, Hampshire & IOW Police, IW Public Health (DAT)
Contact Name Sue Jones
Contact Email
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Sector Health Police
Region Isle of Wight
Active Yes

Serenity is a joint working initiative between the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and IoW Police that co-ordinates mental health nurses to respond alongside frontline police officers at crisis mental health incidents.
The aim is to provide the best possible response to people who are experiencing a mental health crisis. This is achieved through quick attendance of suitably trained police officer(s) and mental health practitioners at the scene enabling de-escalating of the situation with improved diagnosis and treatment leading to reduced hospitalisation.

Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) focuses on those individuals who call on the mental health services of the IoW Police and IoW NHS Trust on a frequent basis; by providing dedicated and controlled support on a 1:1 basis the frequency of use of the services by these individuals has significantly reduced.
By working together, they have delivered improved outcomes for service users, increased team and partnership efficiencies and reductions in operational costs for both organisations.


Reduction in the number of Section 136 inpatient admissions, collaboration and improved communication, rapid assessment on scene, improved signposting and increased referrals, embedding drug and alcohol processes into Serenity systems to provide accurate and reliable data

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