Attention Control Training for Infants at risk of ADHD: a randomized controlled trial

Study ID: 19033
Organisation: Solent NHS Trust
Location: Solent NHS Trust
Condition: ADHD Learning disorders
Main Specialty: Mental Health
Expected End Date: 30/06/2019
Postcode: PO3 6AD
Contact Name: Solent Research
Contact Email:
Active: Yes

Inclusion Criteria

1. Infants will be under 12 months of age at enrolment.

2. Infants will have a first degree relative (an older sibling or a parent) with a clinical and/or research diagnosis of ADHD or a probable diagnosis of ADHD (assessed using DSM IV or V criteria). We may also recruit infants at familial risk of ASD who have either an older sibling or parent with a diagnosis of ASD.

3. Infants will have at least one parent who has a good understanding of the English language.

Exclusion Criteria

1. Exclusion criteria include conditions that alter infant development or may make it harder for an infant to participate including serious medical or developmental conditions like epilepsy, heart conditions or cerebral palsy.

2. Significant uncorrected vision or hearing problems.

3. Significant prematurity.

4. Serious genetic conditions such as Down's syndrome or Fragile X.

5. Parents with evidence of significant language difficulties or who are unable to give informed consent.

Study summary:

Summary not currently available

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