Autism Conditions in Adulthood - Learning about the lives of adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives

Study ID: 18481
Short Title: The Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort - UK
Organisation: Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
Condition: Developmental Disorders
Main Specialty: Mental Health
Expected End Date: 01/09/2019
Postcode: BH1 4JQ
Contact Name: DHUFT Research & Development
Contact Email: dhc.research&
Active: Yes

Inclusion Criteria

Adults aged 16 or older with a diagnosis of ASD.

Exclusion Criteria

Those adults who have been approached to participate in the research project, but do not want to take part. There are no other exclusions. We anticipate that any adult who does not speak sufficient English to complete the forms will be helped to do so by their local local health and social care teams.

Study summary:

At least 1% of adults have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, very little research has been undertaken into how the lives of adults and older people with ASD can be improved. In this project, we will undertake the first stage of a programme of research into the life-course experiences of people with ASD. Experts in ageing and life-course, experienced ASD researchers, and people with ASD and relatives will undertake this project. We will engage with people with ASD, their parents, siblings and partners, and meet and discuss with them to understand much more about how ASD affecting people.

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