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Mental health

Self care and Self Management: E-Mental Health

The IoW is championing the use of E-Mental Health tools that people can access and use at their own convenience whether in the comfort of their own home, or when they are out and about. On line psychological support is available for people experiencing symptoms of mild anxiety, stress and worry. Access to the support is open to all and it can be via self-referral or through their GP; all relevant ‘Apps’ are free to download and use. The providers use various approaches so the individual can chose which one is the best for them.

IoW CCG, Positive Mental Health, SilverCloud,

Admiral Nurse Service

Admiral Nurse Service initiative working across the Island, using a locality based model. This new service is supporting family and carers of people living with dementia and people with dementia that live alone or in a care home with expert advice and support. A person-centred service, which empowers people with dementia and their carers to make informed decisions about care.

IoW CCG, IoW NHS Trust, Dementia UK

Mental Health Liaison 24/7 (all ages)

Increasing access to qualified mental health practitioners (Liaison Psychiatry) based within the Emergency Department to ensure that people presenting with a mental health crisis or presenting with dementia are treated with the same urgency as those presenting with a physical health crisis. Extending this liaison team to seven days a week will support the acute wards and A&E in rapid assessment, interface and discharge of patients whilst providing patient centred care to these vulnerable groups. The team consists of liaison for Learning Disabilities, Dementia and Mental Health (Including Self harm)



Using simulators to run in-situ simulations (hanging, cut wrists, strokes, asthma, illegal highs, and suffocation)

Queen Alexandra Hospital

RAMPPS – Recognising the acute medical patient in the psychiatric setting

RAMPPS aims to create and provide a repository of simulated scenarios at the interface between physical and mental health. The focus is to expand awareness and reflect the multi-disciplinary approach to improve patient care. (Developed by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber)

Queen Alexandra Hospital

COPPS – Care of the Psychiatric Patient Simulation

Live actor simulation to raise awareness and knowledge of in patients with mental health disorders in the hospital setting for non-psychiatric health professionals.

Queen Alexandra Hospital

Wessex Senate Council Recommendations on Mental Health Services

Following horizon scanning and hearing of evidence, the Senate Council developed recommendations for commissioners on what mental health services should be commissioned to ensure a safe and sustainable service.

NHS England

Enhanced reablement/recovery pathway

Development of an integrated enhanced pathway for people in cluster 10 - 17. The pathway includes intensive support for individuals to remain or return to independent community living , to support access to suitable and sustainable accommodation , to support landlords who provide accommodation for people with mental illness to prevent risk of accommodation break down, to empower people to take personal control of their lives and maximise recovery.

IOW CCG, IoW NHS Trust, IoW Local Authority, Third Sector

Psychosis pathway development

Our vision is to achieve the best possible outcomes for people experiencing psychosis. We would like to see everyone experiencing psychosis receiving evidence based care at the right time and in the right place. Wessex AHSN are currently finalising a best practice pathway and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust will now be the pilot for implementation. This will be a 2 year programme. Pathway development has been undertaken through the involvement of services users, carers and staff and by the use of intelligent data. We will be evaluating the work to identify it's applicability for spread. As part of this programme will also support the region in achieving the newly published access and intervention standards for psychosis.

Wessex AHSN, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton Healthwatch, Janssen Health Care, Stripe Partners Inc.

Crisis care

Serenity Street Triage & Integrated Mentoring - Isle of Wight

Serenity is a joint working initiative between the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and IoW Police that co-ordinates mental health nurses to respond alongside frontline police officers at crisis mental health incidents. The aim is to provide the best possible response to people who are experiencing a mental health crisis. This is achieved through quick attendance of suitably trained police officer(s) and mental health practitioners at the scene enabling de-escalating of the situation with improved diagnosis and treatment leading to reduced hospitalisation. Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) focuses on those individuals who call on the mental health services of the IoW Police and IoW NHS Trust on a frequent basis; by providing dedicated and controlled support on a 1:1 basis the frequency of use of the services by these individuals has significantly reduced. By working together, they have delivered improved outcomes for service users, increased team and partnership efficiencies and reductions in operational costs for both organisations.

IoW CCG, IW NHS Trust, Hampshire & IOW Police, IW Public Health (DAT)

SIM - Integrated mentoring teams for high intensity mental health crisis

Specialist mentoring team led by a police officer and mental health clinician providing intensive support for mental health service users who are demonstrating high intensity crisis demand

Hampshire Constabulary and IOW NHS Trust

Recovery College Courses

The Recovery College in Southern Health offers a variety of courses related to Recovery and Self Management to people who use, work within and care for someone in Adult Mental Health services . There are specific courses that focus on times of Crisis; Managing a Crisis: planning ahead and WRAP seminar 1 - Building a WRAP which covers how to develop a comprehensive crisis plan. Further details of the courses can be found on the College website. The Trust also have a Recovery Toolkit, a website based resource.

Southern Health Foundation Trust

Acute admissions carer breakdown

Work is being done in a GP practice in the Isle of Wight patients/carers to assess why admissions are happening and what needs to be in place to prevent avoidable admissions.

NHS Isle of Wight CCG

Awareness Training

Awareness training package for police officers including video containing Dorset Case Study. Question guide for operational staff and engagement model to assist them deal with individuals who have or may be suffering from mental illness. Awareness of police powers and national decision model delivered to AMHPs. Followed up by AMHPs shadowing the Force Control Incident Commander to learn how police grade responses based on NDM.

Dorset Police

The Crisis Response Service (65+)

The Crisis Response Service is an integrated multi-disciplinary team consisting of health care, social care and voluntary sector professionals who will respond to a referral within 4 hours and provide up to 72 hours of care and support to enable an individual to remain at home. The service is available 08:30 – 16:30, 7 days a week, to people over the age of 65 years, and is accessed through a single point of access in an Integrated Care Hub (111). The team undertakes a holistic assessment of the person, environment and support available in order to address the current crisis and to prevent future crisis by putting mitigation plans in place.

IoW CCG, IoW NHS Trust, IoW Local Authority, Third Sector

Hampshire and IoW Liaison and Diversion Service

Liaison and Diversion is an all-age NHS service, operating seven days a week for people with vulnerabilities who are alleged of a criminal offence. Staff are embedded within police custodies and courts across Hampshire and IOW where we can engage with service users at the earliest opportunity. We identify and support with any unmet needs that may mitigate potential for reoffending. Vulnerabilities include mental health, learning disabilities, ADHD/Autism and trauma. Specialist support is available for youths, women and veterans as we recognise there can be additional needs associated with these groups. Liaison and Diversion work with local stakeholders and partner agencies to assist service users to access necessary care and support.

Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust

Victims of Crime

Ministry of Justice pilot scheme to minimise the number of victims of crime suffering from mental illness and to reduce the number of repeat victims suffering from mental illness. The pilot consists of education - this has been addressed by a multi-agency training day on 'staying safe'. Also to deliver one to one coaching. Compiling a strategic needs analysis regarding the above. Identification of individuals subject to multi agency support.

NHS, Dorset Police, Dorset Mental Health Forum, Local Authority, Third Sector

Street Triage

On Friday, Saturday and Sundays, 19:00-08:30 two Mental Health practitioners are on duty. One is based in police station to attend and conduct face to face interventions and the other is based in Force control room screening all police calls, offering advice and clinical information to patrolling officers. Both staff have access to RIO and Police Systems in order to provide a more complete picture, allowing officers to make better informed decisions and access to a range of options.

Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust

Custody Liaison and Diversion

MH practitioners are being embedded within custody blocks. They cover 7 days per week from 07:00 to 19:00hrs. Working from therse locations they are able to screen detainees and ensure that correct support is provided e.g. signposting to other services, calling MHA assessments etc.

Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust

Parity of esteem

Parity for severe mental illness (SMI) patients in cancer risk reduction (Smoking)

The overall objective of this project to deliver a new service offer for those individuals with a diagnosed SMI wishing to engage with stop smoking services, with a view to reducing the variation in outcomes in Dorset and to share the learning with other commissioners of stop smoking services across Wessex.

Public Health Dorset